Throw a pebble into a pond. Watch the ripples change the surface of the water. Throw in ten pebbles, and they will modulate the surface in a pattern that can’t be repeated by throwing in ten different pebbles. A radio station modulates the airwaves with an electromagnetic pattern that carries an intelligent message. Even after the radio station shuts off, the intelligent signal radiates forever into space.

Your brain is buzzing with the activity of millions of electro-chemical messages pinging between synapses. But they are faintoh, so very faint. They have a life all their own, which you take credit for. But you don’t steer them. You don’t even know how they work. A billion impulse bees buzzing inside the hive of your skullfor decades. Now switch off the brain and watch the bees fly off together, in formation, freed from the skull. These ripples of intelligent resonance radiate into space. And, zingyou’re a ghost.

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