Going to church doesn’t make me a Christian. Saying I’m a Christian doesn’t make me a Christian. I believe God presented Himself on earth in the person of a baby born to a virgin. He is God, He can do whatever He wants. His is not limited by disbelief. I believe that He lived a sinless life so that He could pay the penalty for my sins. I believe He went to hell in my place and overcame death when He rose from the grave in His resurrected body. My belief is what makes me Christian.

If I believe that the only path to the Father is through His Son Jesus. How can I offend you if you don’t believe it? I wont be offended if anyone tells me that Santa Clause is gonna get me, Ill just laugh, because I don’t believe in an all powerful Santa.

But I am open to any logical, metaphysical, biblical, or comparative cosmological discussion on the existence of God or the deity of Jesus. You don’t have to believe what I believe. If you believe otherwise, I’m willing to listen to you explain why.

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