I prayed last night; asking God why, in all the immensity of the universe, He cares about tiny me?

He answered; “Because size has no meaning.”

Did that mean very big and very little were the same thing? So I ran with it. In a few hours I had formulated the,  “Kent-Leigh Postulate.”

I’ll explain it in words, since math gets in the way. Picture if you will, a number line. The number line has negative infinity on one end; positive infinity on the other.


                     – ∞…..- 5 , – 4 , – 3 , – 2 ,  – 1 , 0 , + 1 , + 2 , + 3 , + 4  , + 5…..+ ∞


Got it? Now bend the line into a circle; that negative connects to positive infinity; So that:


                                                      – ∞ = + ∞


The formula for the volume of a sphere is a function of the radius of the sphere; that is: the distance from the center, to the outer surface. The larger the radius; the larger is the volume

                                                    volume  = 4/3 πr^3
                                                    such that if radius  = – ∞, then volume = – ∞ ,
                                                    and if if radius = + ∞, then volume = + ∞


I will now conjecture that we’ve been looking at size all wrong; for all of human history. So far we have considered radius to be greater than zero. We need to consider that radius can be a negative number. And where do negative radii live: Inside ‘Black Holes.’

Now let us consider the entirety of the universe. We’ve all heard of the ‘Big Bang’; where everything came from nothing. Scientists call that primordial nothing, a ‘Singularity’. They assume that the singularity is infinitely small. The problem, in my humble opinion, is that they quantify the term small to mean; as close as you can possibly get, to zero.

Let us assume that the radius of a singularity is not an increasingly small positive number; but rather a negative number.

Let us assume further, that at the center of the universe; the origin; the Big Bang, there is a singularity with a radius of negative infinity.

Assume that the entire universe has a volume based upon an infinite radius. Now set negative infinity equal to positive infinity, and there you have it:

At the very center of the Big Bang lies the outer surface of the universe. In other words; the outside of universe and the center of the universe are the same place. If you could breach the outer surface of the universe, you would come out of the singularity at the center.

Now I won’t be encumbered by the math, but the transition would call for the conversion of all matter into pure energy; so that what comes out of the singularity would seem to appear from nothing.

In the “Kent-Leigh Postulate” there is no need for a Big Bang; only a continual recycling from the infinitely big, to the infinitely small. I’ll leave it to people much smarter than me, to figure out the math.


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