The Family Business - Michael Kent


By Critically Acclaimed Story Teller and Author MICHAEL KENT

The master of the tall, tall tale is at it again. This is Michael Kent's third installment in the Guardian Angel series. Four generations, stricken by a family curse, build a business in Old Detroit. Their true stories begin in the mid-twentieth century, when the demons Fire, Flesh and Blood ruled the city with iron fists. Names have been changed, to protect the innocent and the guilty. In this fictional account of the fulfillment of prophecy, the fallen family is recruited by the forces of good, in a battle of apocalyptic consequences.


By Critically Acclaimed Story Teller and Author MICHAEL KENT

Questioning is the first step on any voyage of self-discovery. Until we question, we don’t realize the shackles binding us are entirely illusory. Question, and a limitless world awaits you.

Journey to the Mike-Side: Growing through the Cracks of Adversity provides the answers you need to start your own unique voyage of self-discovery and improvement. Self-described “wonderful maniac” Michael Kent reveals how he escaped the confines limiting us all.

Kent starts with a fundamental problem: our willingness to accept only a small slice of life. Gently pushing us to step out of our comfort zones, he brings us to the next step: admitting our own thoughts and habits are the main obstacles standing in our way.

From the toxic nature of negative thinking to the existence of ESP (Kent doesn’t believe in it, but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t experienced it), Kent leads readers on a freewheeling tour of life’s unlimited possibilities. He shines a light on the power of grace and faith, the benefits of sobriety, and the joys of sex after sixty. Nothing is too sacred—or profane—to avoid his quick-witted, insightful commentary.

It’s time to ask a few questions. The answers may surprise you.